Naruto Shippuden Episode 485 Subbed

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  • guest

    Studio Pierrot are fucking trash.

    • Izumi

      Why ?

      • fuchu92

        the pace in this episode is so damn long, this episode its just about babbling
        i expect more after 484 but ended dissapointed for this episode
        they really milking naruto series

        • ShadowFrost

          Wow you are stupid. Peirrot is making this after an original novel from Kishimoto. You are hating on the man that is responsible for all naruto greatness, moron

      • Anon

        Because they just are.

  • Izumi

    I would like to see Kabuto Shiden too – )

  • Guest

    This was actually pretty good

  • ASS

    This episode is Trash. why the fuck is it like half of it flash backs and form the last episode?
    they’re really milking naruto so hard.

  • kekkaigenkaisoundsnicetome

    If you didn’t like this episode you really missed a whole lot of awesomeness. There may not have been as much action but this episode continually blowed me away but thats cause I love Sasuke. Sasuke: Shinden is about, guess who,…Sasuke. Naruto was called Naruto for a reason. Naruto and Sasuke embody their ancestors spirits. Naruto was the uplifting, everyone is good, Ill do it the most ethical way, type person. The focus is on Sasuke now. He has a whole side of him many people can relate to that Naruto does not have. The dark, do whatever it takes, real you kept in closet, type mindset was explored so hard here and i loved it. The flashbacks were perfect to visually capture the phrases that matched to them. This episode gave me the chills. Any real Naruto fan should feel the same way. If you don’t go back and rewatch it with this in mind, and notice besides for battle scenes this episode possibly contained the most straight forward greatness than the previous idk 100 then you a fake one

    • kekkaigenkaisoundsnicetome

      just straight up major character for Sasuke that rocked me after he made us hate-like him.

    • Jacob Schilling

      I agree my man, I’ve been a naruto fan since I was like 11 years old, I remember the forest of death episodes started to air, and they were running a marathon on episodes 26-30, when we were first introduced to orochimaru, and I was scared shitless of him back then.

      Anyways, that’s not really my main point, my main point is this, I stuck around for the whole war arc, and I wasnt really into it, but my love for naruto got me through it, but it just didnt have the same substance as to what I know naruto for. It was just there, I wasnt invested into either Madara or Kaguya as characters or villians(but Madara would have been a way better final villain than kaguya)

      But this episode, it was crazy good, we got the old orochimaru back in a sense, and we got to hear captivating dialog between sasuke and orochimaru while they were on that little wooden boat. It reminded me of the good old naruto, I think naruto was at its best right before the pain invasion, it just had that classic naruto atmosphere still. This episode was the best episode in a long time and it really reminded me about the postive things, the pros of the naruto series!

  • Came back to watching Shippuden because of the hype in episode 484. Sadly, this episode was only flashbacks and shit. sigh

  • Ebrahym Moduye

    Where can i download the laterst episodes at ease…. Pls some 1 help🙏

  • NM Omnisuke

    Damn good episode, takes you back to the classic Naruto feel. I’m hype can’t wait for the next one, in fact i would love to have more Sasuke content of this last era

  • Robin

    9:46-10:17 song please 🙂

  • Kaushik

    it is coming

  • Zenigata Sandioriva

    Sasuke : No, she’s older than me !
    Orochimaru : …………… what ?
    he’s face is priceless…

  • Himanshu Garg

    please some one help me. whats the name of the song at 05:00. i love that melody soo much. please someone help me with that song. Thanks in advance 🙂